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Shared Biology Series

My current work deals with cycles of life and death as they exist in the interconnected systems between humans and the natural world. Shared Biology is an ongoing series of abstract landscapes intertwining lush plant life and waterways with lines of human interventions. This series was born of my own anxieties about adherence to prescribed social systems and anthropogenic existence. With suggestions of artificially drawn boundaries obscured within tangled and overlapping patterns, the line between existence and memory is blurred.


Beginning with broad brushed glazes, layers of free-flowing lines and marks move over and under masked borders inviting the viewer to consider the movements of growth and decay within the spaces we occupy. In some works, fence-like structures weave together out of overgrowth and vines. In others, twisting plow lines and bright patches of construction orange cut through pastoral shades of green. These works push an uncomfortable beauty and vibrancy, while considering our very short time in this place and what we will leave behind.

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